Written by Angie Carrera

With the holidays quickly approaching, it seems only natural to include a list of the most unique and literary gifts on the internet—perfect for the book lover in your life. These are the gifts you actually want to receive as opposed to your average list of bookmarks, candles, and scarves. Never again will you have to worry about what to buy!

1. Cosmetic Wizard Wands

For the Harry-Potter-loving makeup aficionado in your life, these makeup brushes are an excellent gift to incite wonder and awe. Not only are these brushes synthetic and cruelty free, but they will without a doubt bring their recipient a touch of magic to their makeup routine.


2. Laptop Case Cover

Not only does this combine both the electronic and analog worlds in the best way possible,  it’s perfect for any on-the-go writer. Though a little heftier in terms of price, this is definitely a worthwhile gift for someone special—or maybe even yourself.

3. Bards Against Profanity

For the more satirical and darkly humoured person in your life, this Shakespearean version of cards against humanity is bound to impress. Here’s to challenging your favorite Shakespeare know-it-all to a duel you can actually beat them at.


4. Novel Teas

Know a person who enjoys their book with a good cup of tea? Give them the gift of tea with a novelistic twist. Each tea tag features a literary quote from some of the most renowned scholars and authors in the world.


5. Owl Eyeglasses Holder

Some of us bookworms need glasses in order to perform our favorite functions, and will often times misplace them because we are too forgetful for our own good. This thoughtful gift is not only great to keep organized, but will also look pretty dang cute next to a stack of books.


6. Edgar Allan Poe Phone Case

The king of darkness has finally made his way to the twenty-first century with this minimal and stylish phone case cover. Nevermore will your phone case be unprotected from the dangers of the outside world.


7. The Scent of Old Books

It comes as no surprise that some book lovers genuinely enjoy the smell of books, and if you are like me, you go to the book store so you can stick your face in a newly printed book just to get stared at by passerby. Well, here it finally is! The scent of old books bottled so you can show off to your cat that you, too, can smell like a book.

8. Jane Austen Book Coasters

Though we all know only one of these will be ever used at a time because we are serious introverts, the scare of putting a sweating drink on a book is nowhere nearly as fun as putting it on an actual coaster.


9. To Kill A Mockingbird Atticus Finch Shirt

Not only will your grandparents start asking you if you have begun an internship at a law firm, but you will also receive a nod of approval from every To Kill A Mockingbird fan for representing one of the most respectable characters in literary history.

10. Fahrenheit 451 Bracelet

This minimal and hot gift will be perfect for the more stylish among your friends. Perfect to add an extra lavish touch to the I-haven’t-seen-daylight-in-weeks look.


11. Sherlock Holmes Journal

Every writer and avid reader needs a journal to write down some field notes. Arthur Conan Doyle’s creation lives on with the iconic door of his beloved Sherlock Holmes.



12. Tequila Mockingbird

For those of legal drinking age, enjoy a cocktail recipe book that takes the names of cocktails and adds a literary pun to it. Experience classic books now from the taste of them, while checking off must reads.

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