Rear Window Meets Gone Girl in This Editor-Turned-Author’s Novel

Written by Katie Martinez

Daniel Mallory’s debut novel, The Woman in the Window, recently claimed the number-one spot on the New York Times Best Seller list. The novel is published under the pseudonym A. J. Finn by the publishing house William Morrow, which also happens to be where Mallory himself worked as an editor. According to a feature that appeared in the NYT, Mallory had always planned to submit the manuscript under a pseudonym as he felt his own authors may be disconcerted to see their own editor’s name splashed across a hardback in a bookstore.

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Queer Feminist Bookstore Opens in Water Valley, Mississippi

Written by Katie Martinez

Conservative Water Valley, Mississippi is now the home of a queer feminist bookstore named Violet Valley Bookstore. The volunteer-driven, nonprofit storefront was opened this month by Jaime Harker, a professor and director of Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Mississippi. Violet Valley Bookstore’s stock is primarily from donations and includes authors such as Rita Mae Brown and Fannie Flagg. Funding for the bookstore was raised with a Kickstarter campaign that began in October and reached the goal of $5,000 in only four days!

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Prison Book Program Donates 450 Dictionaries

Written by Katie Martinez

As MobyLives recently reported, the Prison Book Program (PBP) has recently raised $1,800 from sixty donors that will go towards providing prison libraries with 450 dictionaries. According to the PBP’s fundraising site, each four-dollar donation buys one college-level dictionary. Dictionary drives just like this one have supplied more than 10,000 prisoners with dictionaries over the past five years. Dictionaries are one of the most highly requested books by prisoners, as they’re an incredibly useful tool that helps inmates improve their own literacy skills.

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