Interview with John Morán Gonzáles

Written by Guadalupe Rodriguez

Texas land is huge—with approximately 28 million people, the faces of Texas are colorful, and filled with different experiences. From rich stories of black and Latino people, to the stories of Native Americans, UT’s English Department attempts to account for some of the faces of Texas and beyond.

One colorful face from Texas that is also an advocate for these stories is Professor John Morán Gonzáles. His unique story follows a nontraditional English pathway. Initially a pre-med and English double major, he chose English for graduate school instead of medical school.

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Q&A with Lisa L. Moore

Written by Dan Kolinko

When Lisa L. Moore thinks about the Pope, she thinks about an isle of lesbos. On her office door is a photo of a cartoon cat with a tagline that reads: “Ask me about my office gun policy.” Moore is a professor at UT and a literary critic whose main focus is on feminist and queer theory. On the side, Moore writes poetry about police brutality, lesbianism, motherhood, the recent presidential election and more. In addition to working on a book entitled The Lesbian History of Sonnets, her new chapbook, 24 HOURS OF MEN, will be published by Dancing Girl Press in April.

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