If you’ve read the submission guidelines, which you can find here, then you already know the gist. We’re the satellite publication, bringing in words, images, flash fiction, and more! We know that all majors at UT have incredible stories to show off, so we made the zine so we could accept stories of all mediums from artists and writers of all majors. 

The important thing to know is that you have lots of options for submission and publication.

  1. Our general submissions
    1. For general submissions, you can submit whatever you’d like (so long as it follows the guidelines linked in the Hothouse website). Your submissions don’t have to follow any certain theme, topic, etc. 
    2. You should submit a general submission to the email uthothouse.editor@gmail.com.
  2. Weekly prompts! 
    1. You can send us a submission in response to one of our weekly prompts! These should follow the same submission guidelines posted on the website. If your submission is short (as in, a page or less), we will consider accepting over 3 submissions for review! Send weekly prompt responses to the hothouse email as well. 
    2. We will post the weekly inspo prompts every week on instagram until submissions close. Week one is back to school week, and our set of prompts are…
      1. What you would say to your professor if you had a memory wipe device
      2. Playlist for walking to class
      3. What’s on your bookshelf (also, what’s in your bag) 
    3. Want a sneak peek? Here are a few upcoming themes
      1. Confessions
      2. Hate, Love, and the Inbetween
      3. Reflection

… And a lightning round week that we’re so excited to show off.