1. What is a zine, anyway? 

Excellent question, with a long-ish answer. The short version is this: 

noun: ‘zine; plural noun: ‘zines; noun: zine; plural noun: zines
Magazine; especially : a noncommercial often homemade or online publication usually devoted to specialized and often unconventional subject matter

The long answer is that zines are very connected to DIY spaces. The term ‘zine’ was coined in the 1930’s, as a shortened term for ‘fanzine.’ Zines were first made in science fiction fan spaces, but they would go on to be created and circulated by countless communities: punks, riotgrrls, horror movie fans, beatnik poets, anarchist collectives, and more! Zines evolved as the years went by, but a DIY/Counterculture spirit persisted. No matter the subject matter, zines still dodged commercialism, were generally made by volunteers, printed cheaply, and distributed amongst niche communities. 

2. When can I submit? 

From January 1st to March 1st! Email your submissions to uthothouse.editor@gmail.com. For submissions guidelines (as in, image quality rules, dimensions, etc) use the submissions guidelines posted here.

  1. Are submissions anonymous? 

    Submissions are reviewed blind! If your submission is accepted for publication, you have the option to be published anonymously, or to be credited! 

    3. How does anonymous publication work? Who all will see my name and identifying information? 

    After your submission is sent to the editor in chief, the EIC will scrub your name and any identifying information from your submission. Since we understand that some submissions might contain sensitive content, you have the option to be published in the zine anonymously! If you’d like your submission to be anonymous, please make a note of that in the email you send during your initial submission. If you choose to be published anonymously, the EIC will contact you and inform you that your submission has been accepted directly. In the case of anonymous publication, only the editor-in -chief of Hothouse will know the identity of the submitter. If you do not elect to be published anonymously, you will receive named credit in the publication! 

    4. What is the difference between general submission to the zine, and weekly prompt submissions? 

    Nothing, really! We made the weekly submissions mostly for inspiration, and to kickstart creative work and conversations! If selected for publication, general submissions and weekly prompt responses will be published in the same zine! Depending on the volume of each type of submission we receive, we may make separate sections within the zine, but we will not prioritize weekly prompt responses over general submissions, or vice versa! Submit what you’d like to see in a zine, and we’d love to review it. 

    5. When and how will this be published?

    The Hothouse zine will be an online publication. Our publication choices will be finalized two to three weeks after our submission period closes, and the zine will be published in May, at the end of the UT semester.