If you want to have your work featured in Hothouse, send us a pitch for the Hothouse website!

We accept anything from literary criticisms, to personal essays, to reviews/recommendations of films/books, to mixed-media pieces, to satires of any-and-everything. And while we are open to experimentation and innovation, please keep in mind that Hothouse is a literary site, and not necessarily a place to submit work that would be better suited for our print edition. For example, while we’re sure your poetry is achingly tender, our website is a space to talk about literature and the literary adjacent—not necessarily to create it.

If this sounds interesting to you, go ahead and send us a pitch! Pitches should:

  • State clearly what you’d like to talk about
  • Mention the conversation you’re entering into
  • List what you’ll be hitting on
  • Explain the larger implications (i.e. why we should care)
  • Be sent to the Hothouse email with the subject line “ATTN Kylie: Pitch”
  • Be written in the body of the email
  • Be roughly 100 words

If your pitch has been accepted, our Website Editor will respond with a timeline for the drafting and editing process. The entire process (first draft, feedback/edits, revised draft) will take about 2 to 3 weeks, and then your post will be featured on our website!

We look forward to hearing your pitches!