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Staff Writers

Abbey Bartz is a third year Plan II major and is pursuing a Creative Writing Certificate in Fiction. When not reading or writing essays for school, stressing about her impending thesis, or reorganizing her planner for the zillionth time, she is probably lost somewhere in Austin with the music up too loud or at a park trying to befriend other people’s dogs. Abbey’s favorite things include trips to the grocery store with friends and hilltop views of sunsets.



Chloe Manchester is a sophomore English and Art History student with an obsession with England, old houses, and books set in old houses in England. She hopes to live in an old English house someday.



Kayla Bollers is a senior studying English and Creative Writing. She enjoys nature hikes, gardening, and binging YA novels from Barnes N’ Noble. She can often be spotted in cozy, dimly lit cafes working on her next novel attempt. Her work also appears in Burnt X, and she serves on staff with Echo Literary Magazine.

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Leah Park is a double English and Government Junior at UT who transferred in her sophomore year. She enjoys writing about comparisons between Asian and American literature, with her favorite authors including Charles Dickens, Edgar Allan Poe, and Osamu Dazai. One of her daily night rituals is drinking a warm cup of tea and kicking her flatmate’s cat out of her room.



Lindsey Ferris is a third year English major with a certificate in Creative Writing. When not studying she can be found curled up with a book or singing as she reminiscing her dream of being a chorus girl on Broadway.


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Natalie Nobile is a senior in English at UT Austin.  She likes excessively large animals, epic poetry, and reading anything about madness she can get her grubby hands on.  Her favorite book is The Once and Future King. 



Stephanie Pickrell is a freshman English major in Liberal Arts Honors. She is slightly too obsessed with Terry Pratchett, as her friends may tell you, and is known to spontaneously quote her favorite books in casual conversation. In her free time, she may be found wandering around Austin and accumulating numerous fantasy novels to add to her already copious collection.



Vanessa Simerskey is a third year English major with a rhetoric minor and is an avid writer for Her Spare Times. She is currently attempting to step into the realm of art through illustration and exploring her interest in publishing. Her other hobbies consist of reading idiosyncratic short stories, de-stressing at the Blanton, and making a good pun.