Christie Basson is a senior English and Humanities double major. She has completed a fiction collection for her thesis in the Creative Writing Department and is in the process of writing an academic thesis on fertility in Africa for the Humanities Department. As a Mellon ESI Scholar she is also completing community-engaged research around women’s rights in Texas. In her free time, she likes to read books with flowery prose, take long walks through West Campus, and tend to her many plants.
Stephanie Pickrell is a second-year English major and a terrible nerd. She enjoys pears, long walks by the creek, and slowly working her way through the entirety of The 1001 Nights. She is also an assistant producer for a student theatre organization, and she spends most of her spare time writing the play that she plans to direct (eventually).


Pramika Kadari is a freshman English major planning to double major in Advertising. In addition to working at Hothouse, she also works as a copy editor for The Daily Texan and is editing the second draft of her YA sci-fi novel. Her favorite books are The Song of Achilles and Ender’s Game. In the future, she hopes to work in the book publishing and/or TV writing industry, while writing novels in her free time.
Scotty Villhard is a senior Radio-Television-Film major and Creative Writing student who once wrote down the name of every town they passed through on the drive from Austin, TX to St. Louis, MO. They are also Co-Producer of the Foot in the Door Theatre Troupe, where they have written, directed, and acted in plays since their freshman year. Some say when the wind howls at the perfect pitch and the moonlight strikes the empty well at just the right angle, you can see Scotty leaning over their laptop and writing some new project. You can see this at other times as well, of course, because Scotty takes on way too many projects. When Scotty isn’t working on some new writing project or managing a theatre troupe, they’re either playing Call of Cthulhu, writing a song, or petting their cat, Cecil. Cecil is a good boy.
Abdallah Hussein is a sophomore English major. He enjoys watching anime and sports and playing his electric guitar. When not thoroughly ensconced in the world of sports and music, he is reading an excessive amount and working through various authors’ lists of works. Right now he is tackling Philip Roth. 
Megan Snopik (she/they) is a second-year English honors and Women’s and Gender studies major in the Liberal Arts Honors Program seeking a minor in Italian studies. Their ideal day entails a park, a picnic blanket, some snacks, and a novel from one of her favorite authors, Virginia Woolf or Margaret Atwood. She is forever haunted by being named after the wrong March sister (she is definitely more of a Jo) and hopes to liken herself to Jo after she’s written her first novel (or sold her hair – it’s still a toss-up). 
Skylar Epstein is a third year English major. She is also pursuing dual certificates in Public Policy and Business Spanish. Although Skylar loves reading Surrealism and Science Fiction, her true literary passion is visual storytelling. She has been involved in reading and creating webcomics since 2016 and is excited to explore this unique medium in Hothouse. Next year, she will begin her English Honors thesis, where she hopes to explore how audience interactivity shapes these emerging genres. When she’s not drawing, reading, or listening to podcasts, she is catching up on her ever growing watchlist of Canadian sitcoms or DJ-ing for the student radio.