We would like to introduce our 2017-2018 Hothouse General Staff! We received an astounding amount of qualified applications this year, and it was by no means easy for the Editorial Staff to come to a final decision. We were unduly impressed by their work ethic, intelligence, and creativity. Congratulations!

Be sure to also check out our Editorial Staff here.

2017-2018 General Hothouse Staff


Annie Diamond is a first-year English and Plan II double major.

Kiran Gokal is a third-year English major who is also pursuing a Rhetoric and Writing minor.

Caitlin Smith is a second-year English major pursuing a Creative Writing certificate, fueled by copious amounts of coffee, sarcasm, and a hatred of Manic Pixie Dream Girls.

Having grown up in Mississippi, Morgan Southworth moved to Austin to pursue degrees in both English and Japanese, as well as to read as many books as possible before she graduates.

Carolina Eleni Theodoropoulos is a third-year Humanities Honors and Philosophy double major, also pursuing a Creative Writing certificate.


Abby Adamo is a fourth-year English student currently writing a thesis on marriage and motherhood in Edith Wharton novels. In her spare time she can be found watching nostalgic music videos on YouTube, learning to cook, and keeping up to date on satirical news (when the real stuff is too much to stomach.)

Angie Carrera: Storytelling and lying are the same thing. Trust me, I’m a compulsive liar.

Katelyn Connoly is a third-year Plan II/English major who enjoys memoirs, iambic pentameter, really nice dinners, the New York Times crossword puzzle, talking about her plans to fix America’s public education system, and freestyling about her cat, Pickles.

Kathryn Martinez is a third-year English major.

Jeffery Rose is a second-year English and Rhetoric & Writing double major, who is also pursuing a Creative Writing certificate.

Kylie Warkentin is a first-year English major in the Jefferson Scholars Program and Liberal Arts Honors with complex feelings regarding lemon tarts and Macklemore.


Madalyn Campbell loves words and everything you can do with them.

Kevin LaTorre is a UT nerd with maybe a smart word, though no rhyme. 

Grace Mappes is a first-year International Relations and English double major with a lifelong love of reading and writing prose and poetry, and a minor obsession with nice notebooks and fountain pens. When not studying or indulging in literature, Grace can often be found playing her saxophone, geeking out over classical music, or even playing video games with friends.

Guadalupe Rodriguez is a third-year English major pursuing a teaching and creative writing certificate, who loves ballet, blue oceans, and toddlers.

Sydney Stewart is often found missing her cat or reading poetry that makes her doubt her own psyche. She has a love of cats, tea, and useless personality tests.


Andilynn Feddeler is a first-year English major from Austin who loves golden retrievers, napping, and books.

Emily Ogden is a sophomore from San Antonio, Texas who loves the smell of old books, birthday candles, and freshly microwaved pizza rolls. She has Hermione’s hair, but is probably more of a Luna.

Kendall Talbot enjoys reading, traveling, and drinking coffee out of her extensive mug collection. 

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