We’ve had plenty of great posts this November, from a Q&A with a local Austin poet, to a deeper look into Sun-Ra’s relationship between jazz and poetry.

Here’s a few of our favorites this month:

Emily Wilson: First Woman to Translate the Odyssey into English

“One of the greatest complications was quite simply that of the translation itself: whether to translate the piece word for word as many fellow classicists before her had done, or whether to interpret the piece as she saw it on paper.” by Angie Carrera

Problematic Literary Faves in the Time of Harvey Weinstein

“Readers are special. We have the immense power to set the agenda, and decide which works of literature stand the test of time. In this tumultuous atmosphere, we are asked if we can separate works of art from their creators.” by Sara Leonard

The Importance of Generating Compassion as a Fiction Writer

“As a writer, Shepard says, you learn empathy and how to cultivate compassion for characters you wouldn’t necessarily deem worthy of compassion.” by Carolina Eleni Theodoropoulos

Amazon Bookstore Coming to Austin

“Amazon has become a national concern for print bookstores that can’t compete with Amazon’s speed and selection. On a local scale, the opening of this store can be added to a long list of concerns regarding Austin’s ongoing gentrification.” by Emily Ogden

Hothouse Print Submission Period OPEN!

Hothouse Literary Journal is now accepting fiction, nonfiction, and poetry submissions for our print journal. Additionally, in honor of our 10th year in publication, Hothouse is also accepting graphic novel excerpts and comic submissions.”


Thanks for reading!

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