We’ve had plenty of great posts this January, from a rundown of what makes Orson Scott Card problematic, to a defense of collecting and rereading books.

Here’s a few of our favorites this month:

Journaling as a Writer

“So, if the idea of writing scares you, then I say congratulations, because you have now joined the cohort of us that feel the same way. But never be afraid to write. The fear of not being good enough stops you from writing, and possibly never discovering the one idea that you absolutely love.” by Angie Carrera

Turtles All the Way Down: Let’s Talk About Mental Illness

“If you suffer from mental illness in any shape or form, I recommend picking up a copy of Turtles. If you don’t suffer from mental illness in any shape or form, I also recommend picking up a copy of Turtles. It’s an incredible journey, start to finish. I laughed, I cried, I had to fight several urges to start reading Star Wars fanfiction.” by Kendall Talbot

Reading Doth Not a Very Stable Genius Make

“As the literary journal of the English department at the University of Texas at Austin, we at Hothouse may be a little biased when it comes to our preference for presidents who can, you know, read.” by Abby Adamo

18 Diverse Books to Look for in 2018

“It’s a new year and that calls for changes: new tastes, authors to discover, and a new reading goal on Goodreads that, secretly, we’re all praying we reach. For every reader and book lover out there, there is a certain goal—whether it is new to you or not—that one should aspire to realize, and that goal is to read more diversely.” by Kiran Gokal

Reflections upon the Old and Infinite Books of the Perry-Castañeda Library

“There is an ineffable, reassuring quality to be found in the store and stories of the library—countless readers and writers have found (and will find) refuge and comfort and kindred thinkers in these walls and shelves, too.” by Luis De La Cruz  

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