We’ve had plenty of great posts this December, from a report on an author accused of plagiarism by their ex-boyfriend, to a rundown on what you can expect in Austin’s newest library.

Here’s a few of our favorites this month:

Small Steps: Dr. DeChavez’s Journey into Literature

“This is how it all starts: it’s the first time that you see yourself. And it’s not just like seeing yourself in the mirror when you wake up in the mornings or when you take a shower in the evenings. It’s not like when you notice you have your mother’s hair one day as you stare at her. Or when you realize that the nose you want to go under the knife is actually a treasure your dad gave you. It’s more than that.” by Guadalupe Rodriguez

Hothouse Print Submission Period OPEN!

“Hothouse Literary Journal is now accepting fiction, nonfiction, and poetry submissions for our print journal. Additionally, in honor of our 10th year in publication, Hothouse is also accepting graphic novel excerpts and comic submissions.”

12 Holiday Gifts for Book Lovers

“These are the gifts you actually want to receive as opposed to your average list of bookmarks, candles, and scarves. Never again will you have to worry about what to buy!” by Angie Carrera

Get Writing! 10 Literary Magazines Now Accepting Submissions

Check out these 10 Literary Magazines that are (still) accepting submissions in fiction, nonfiction, and poetry — get writing! By Sydney Stewart

Art, addiction, and Remembering to Write

“Writers, painters, musicians and film-makers have historically existed in worlds where drinking and drug use are regarded as more acceptable than they might be in other circles. Artists often seek to be deviants, and deviant behaviors become par for the course. Addiction is normalized under the banner of Art.” by Katelyn Connolly

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