Julia Schoos, Editor-in-Chief

33312901_1978029182209326_1200716239979151360_oBorn and raised in Germany, Julia penned her first short story at the tender age of six. Her poetry has been printed in multiple publications and in 2015 was honored by the National Council of Teachers of English. 

While she’s a junior English and Public Relations major by day, by night she sings loudly and passionately in the shower, terrorizes her dog, and spends too much time thinking about font disparities. Julia ultimately aspires to be a contemporary Hamlet and is currently working on cultivating and illustrating her own writing on her blog, as well as brainstorming ideas for her thesis. She has strong—very strong—feelings about Jonathan Safran Foer, Homer, Anne Carson, and musicals: specifically Les Misérables


Luis De La Cruz, Managing Editor 

20170903_134046.jpgLuis is a fourth-year English/Linguistics double major and French minor and is also pursuing a Certificate in Creative Writing. His interests include twentieth-century American and Latin American poetry, the works of Italo Calvino, and medieval studies. When he’s not busy with his Hothouse duties, you will most likely find him searching for new and old music, geeking out about non-Indo-European languages, and sleeping, probably.


Emily Ogden, Marketing Director

IMG_2866Emily is a senior English major and Government minor from San Antonio, Texas. She is also a member of the Jefferson Scholars Certificate Program for Core Texts and Ideas. When she isn’t scheming about Hothouse’s social media content or frantically typing an essay, Emily is working with the philanthropy department of her sorority, Alpha Phi. Emily is currently working at a family law firm, and (wait for it) plans on going to law school. Her backup plans for a career involve publishing, napping, rap battling, or tea tasting. She has a terrible habit of drifting off into her own world, where there are plenty of goldfish (not the snack, she loves actual fish) and Life Savers (definitely the snack).

Caitlin Smith, Fiction Editor

CaitlinBioCaitlin is a senior English major pursuing a certificate in Creative Writing. She’s currently interning for Bat City Review and serves as Director of Communications for Texas Women of Excellence, a service organization on campus. She hopes to eventually work in publishing or communications, or in any field that will let her write to her heart’s content. When she’s not reading or writing for class, she can be found watching romcoms, drinking entirely too much coffee, or Facetiming her cat (a pastime her cat does not care about in the slightest).

Jeff Rose, Poetry Editor

JeffBioJeff is a third-year English and Rhetoric double major, while also pursuing a certificate in creative writing. You can find him helping folks with their writing at the UWC, calming many a student. He strives to curate diverse content from underrepresented voices. A fellow in the Engaged Scholar Initiative, he plans on studying disability in literature and its intersections. While researching, he tends to listen to one too many Halsey songs. When he’s not struggling to do the most in life because of his Virgo tendencies, he’s busy writing about queerness and disability.

Kylie Warkentin, Nonfiction and Website Editor

KylieBioKylie is a second-year English major in the Liberal Arts Honors Program, the English Departmental Honors Program, and is currently pursuing her Core Texts and Ideas Certificate through the Jefferson Scholars Program. While her academic interests are formally on the ambiguous side of things, she does have a great interest in the constructed partition between the mind and body, the way in which we negotiate with space, and the classical mindset. Outside of academics, Kylie takes pleasure in mouthing along to the Cool Girl monologue from “Gone Girl,” stumbling upon a robust brass feature, and ardently/obnoxiously supporting the Toronto Maple Leafs. Kylie also feels strongly that Macklemore should drop a Christmas album.

Andi Feddeler, Design Editor

AndiBio.pngAndilynn Feddeler is a second-year English major from Austin, Texas, and this is her second year on Hothouse staff. She is a part of the Texas Darlins spirit group where she serves as uniform co-chair, and she is the editorial and marketing intern for Prufrock Press. In her free time, she rereads Jane Austen books or pets her golden retriever. When she grows up, she wants to be an editor at a publishing press in a big city. Andi’s favorite parts of working on Hothouse are seeing her friends at staff parties and getting to hold and read the completed journal after a year of hard work.