Julia Schoos, Editor-in-Chief

js.pngBorn and raised in Germany, Julia penned her first short story — a tale about a sheep and its sheepish woes, written and illustrated entirely in yellow highlighter — at the tender age of six. Since then, she’s graduated to poetry, has been published in multiple publications, and in 2015 was honored by the National Council of Teachers of English.

While she’s a senior English and Public Relations major by day, by night she sings loudly and passionately in the shower, terrorizes her dogs, and spends too much time thinking about musicals. She’s managed to combine most of these passions into a thesis on womanhood and Death and the Maiden in Phantom of the Opera and Elisabeth, and is more than willing to chew your ear off about it. 

This is Julia’s fourth year with Hothouse and her second year as Editor-in-Chief.

Kylie Warkentin, Managing and Website Editor


Kylie is a third-year English major in the Liberal Arts Honors and the English Departmental Honors Program. She is currently pursuing her Core Texts and Ideas Certificate through the Jefferson Scholars Program, and her teaching certificate through the UTeach-Liberal Arts Program. When not writing her thesis (on a Medea archetype in Gone Girl and Rebecca, thank you for asking), Kylie enjoys cheering for her beloved Toronto Maple Leafs and stress baking. Kylie also feels strongly that Macklemore should drop a Christmas album.

Jeff Rose, Fiction Editor

JeffBioJeff Rose is a senior English Honors and Rhetoric double major with a creative writing honors certificate. He is also a Mellon Fellow through the Engaged Scholars Initiative, studying disability representation in media. Jeff is currently struggling with his honors thesis on the trope of the Mad Scapegoat, please send positive vibes. When he’s not busy doing the most because of his Virgo tendencies, he’s listening to Halsey to stave off thesis-driven anxiety.


Sara Cline, Poetry Editor 

sarapic2Sara Cline is a senior English Honors and Psychology major. She is a two-time finalist in the James F. Parker Writing Contests— in 2018 for Fiction and 2019 for Literary Criticism. By day, she pretends to make progress on her thesis and consults writers at the UWC. By night, she is a local stand-up comic; so, support local live comedy! Sara spends her sparse free time napping, attending pole dance classes, and consuming copious amounts of Hulu and Youtube. Ask her about her 50-page poetry manuscript “Inter-”, or her thesis on Virginia Woolf’s ambivalent Hellenism.

Josephine Yi, Nonfiction Editor 


Josephine is in her fourth year as an English and Elementary Education double major. Born on the Virgo-Libra cusp, she is a romantic through and through. She appreciates mumblecore film, memoirs, vlogs, and comparative literature. When she’s not immersed in the world of art, you can find her doing yoga, produce shopping, and volunteering with local nonprofits. Her dream is to work at the intersection of education policy and social justice.


Christie Basson, Website Editor 

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Christie is in her third year, double majoring in English and the Humanities Program in which she studies the intersection of government policy and women’s rights. She has a love for pretty words, radical women, and lyrical prose. She can at any opportunity be found writing, picking flowers, tearing up at inspiring movie scenes, or getting lost around town (and her own backyard).


Andilynn Feddeler, Design Editor



Andilynn Feddeler is a senior English major from Austin, Texas. Her interests include personal narratives, embroidery, the House Hunters franchise, kittens, and puppies. She has been a part of Hothouse staff since her freshman year and can’t wait to use what she’s learned to further her book publishing career.



Alyssa Jingling, Marketing Director



Alyssa Jingling is an English Honors senior. She enjoys being a hair and makeup artist for weddings and films, reading a whole bunch of different types of novels, and cooking. After graduation, she plans on being a writer and a hair and makeup artist. You can typically find her snuggling with her blind, geriatric miniature schnauzer Lucy while watching a musical.