Hothouse  is the official literary journal for the Department of English at the University of Texas at Austin. Read more about our Editorial Staff below.


IMG_3177Delia Davis, Editor-in-Chief

Delia is responsible for management, production, and final editorial decisions online and in print. She is currently writing an English Honors thesis on Virginia Woolf, gender, and the existential sublime. She’s also working on a screenplay – in the vein of Harold and Maude – about an irreverent, solitary trucker and an eccentric old woman stuck on a drug delivery job together. When she’s not running Hothouse, her free time is split between freelance proofreading, nurturing her (sometimes unruly, but always rewarding) patio garden, and caring for her cat sons.




Julia Schoos, Managing Editor 

Julia is responsible for assisting the Editor-in-Chief with management, production, and overall administration. Julia also oversees the Marketing Board and handles all Hothouse social media. While she’s an English and Public Relations major with a Certificate in Core Texts and Ideas by day, by night she sings loudly and passionately in the shower, terrorizes her dog, and spends too much time thinking about font disparities. Julia aspires to be a contemporary Hamlet, and is currently working on cultivating and illustrating her own poetry on her blog. She has strong feelings about Jonathan Safran Foer, Anne Carson, and musicals.


image_123986672Daniel Kolinko, Fiction & Web Editor

Daniel is responsible for editorial decisions on the Fiction Board and manages all blog-related duties. He is a fourth-year English major and Creative Writing Certificate pursuer. On any given night you’d probably find him rewatching Transparent, listening to Shania Twain, or getting into arguments in the comments section on the internet. He loves podcasts, pop culture, pretending to watch This Is Us, and Twitter. He leans toward queer, feminist, and activist literature and if a female comedian wrote it, he’s read it. His literary influences are Frank O’Hara, Joe Brainard, Lena Dunham, and James Baldwin.



John Calvin Pierce, Poetry Editor

John Calvin manages editorial decisions on the Poetry Board. He is a fourth-year LAH English student with a minor in German and the Creative Writing Certificate. He is interested in poetry and fiction writing, historical linguistics and English language history, as well as art history and medieval studies. In addition to working at the Blanton Museum of Art as a gallery assistant, John Calvin is busy applying to grad schools and trying to remember how to make an omelette – it’s a lot harder than you think.


20170903_134046Luis De La Cruz, Nonfiction Editor

Luis is responsible for overseeing the selection and editing of non-fiction submissions to Hothouse. He is a third-year English/Linguistics double major and French minor, and is also pursuing a Certificate in Creative Writing. His interests include twentieth-century American and Latin American poetry, the works of Italo Calvino, and medieval studies. When he’s not busy with his Hothouse duties, you will most likely find him searching for new and old music, geeking out about non-Indo-European languages, and sleeping, probably.


fullsizeoutput_bbfBrandi Carnes, Art Design Editor

Brandi manages the interior design of the print journal and handles all cover contest submissions. She is a fourth-year student at UT, pursuing a double major in English and Plan II with a minor in History. Though workshopping poetry for her senior thesis takes up a majority of her time, Brandi can be found browsing the aisles of Waterloo or scarfing down pad thai at Madam Mam’s. Her lovely little apartment doubles as a petting zoo with two cats, one dog, and a sugar glider residing. Other hobbies include falling in love with dead writers, studying punk as a subculture, and binge-watching cartoons on Saturday mornings.