Written by Andi Feddeler

Barnes and Noble is one of the happiest places someone who loves books can go. It may not be as homey as local bookstores, or have as wide a selection of nonfiction as the libraries on college campuses, but it’s pretty great for anything and everything else. The wide selection, not only of books, but of games, stationery, magazines, and activity books, is astounding. Taking a trip to B&N is an exercise in self-control (at least for me).

There are already plenty of reasons to visit Barnes and Noble, but if you were looking for one more, here it is in two words: Book. Club. The Barnes and Noble Nationwide Book Club is starting up May 2, 2018, and the first book on the list is The Female Persuasion by Meg Wolitzer. This coming-of-age tale is perfect for almost any reader, but especially those who are looking for a strong and powerful female lead. It is a self-proclaimed feminist novel and an active analysis of female ambition—perfect for reading with a group.

I’ve always wanted to join a book club, but could never find the right group of people who were committed enough to show up, or actually read the book. The B&N Book Club can eliminate some of those fears: not only is it free, but it’s led by the store’s own booksellers, who are sure to take initiative and lead thought-provoking discussion. Though the club is expected to meet only four times a year, it’s still a great introduction to the idea of a book club with a little less commitment. It’s also extremely accessible to people of all ages and ideologies, which could provoke some very interesting conversations.

So, if you’re interested in engaging with others in your literary community, pick up a copy of The Female Persuasion and mark your calendar for 6 PM on May 2. Barnes and Noble will also be selling a special edition of the book with a reader’s guide, as well as giving away a signed copy at the meeting. With all these incentives, it’s hard to say no!

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