cat2_essaycontest-288x300English and Creative Writing Majors, congrats to you guys for completing another grueling semester! You probably already know that Hothouse is now accepting fiction and poetry submissions until January 22nd, but did you know that we accept academic papers too? That’s right, all the hard work you put into writing those papers on Jane Eyre or Franz Kafka have the potential to be PUBLISHED. Send the nonfiction board your favorite English or Film paper for a chance to put your name out there. Nonfiction accepts anything from personal memoirs or cool stories to feminist ramblings on Margaret Atwood’s latest novel. This is a great opportunity to build your resume and just an overall fun experience in general! We can’t wait to read your work!
If you have any questions about the submission process, feel free to contact the Editor-in-Chief at or check out the Hothouse blog for more info.
-Meredith Furgerson, Nonfiction Editor
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